Below are the interview questions for JQuery. These compilation is mostly from the interview questions asked in Microsoft, TCS, Infosys, Synechron, Wipro and other IT companies.


1. What are the methods from jquery to manipulate the DOM?
2. Why to use CDN in jquery?
3. What are selectors in JQuery?
4. what are the type of selectors?
5. What type of work that you did in your last project on JQuery?
6. what is $ in jquery, can we use Jqeury instead of $?
7. What is accordion and you will build it in jquery?
8. How do you implement JQuery Slider without using JQuery UI plug-ins?
9. Have you worked on JQuery Image gallery; if yes how to implement that?
10. How to achieve CSS optimizations using jqeury?
11. How to access server side control in JavaScript also in using JQuery?
12. Where should Jquery included in the page in head tag or at bottom before closing body?
13. What are difference between RegisterStartupScript vs Registerclientscriptblock
14. What are selectors in Jquery?
15. JQuery, How to implement collapsible panel?
16. How will you select all the textboxes?
16. How to call a web service from jQuery?
17. What is JSON?
18. How to show/hide div on button click in jquery?
18. How to animate a dom element in jquery?
19. What we use to get a control in javascript and same in jQuery?
20. what is knokout.js and how to use it with JQuery?
21. Write a jQuery syntax for getting only one parent element of a div with id ‘mydiv’
22. Write a jQuery syntax for hide all paragraphs in the page?
23. What is a document.ready function?
24. Write a syntax for first and last row of the table.
25. How to read json object in jQuery also how to write a data in json object.
25. What is json.stringify and json.parse?
26. How to apply the jQuery calender control on text box write the syntax.
27. Write the jQuery syntax for checkboxlist item who is having error.
28. How to add div before the div programmatically in jQuery, write the syntax
29. What we use to get a control in javascript and same in jQuery?
30. What is Cursor in javascript?
31. Closure in Javascript
32. jQuerry – jQuerry ajax how it is works
33. Have you used Javascript where
34. Have you ever used cursor?
35. What is the syntax of JQuery AJAX call?
36. Does JQuery AJAX do the same thing what classic AJAX does?
37. Have you used classic Ajax or JQuery AJAX?
38. What is AJAX and it’s role in Web application?
39. Have you used classic Ajax or JQuery AJAX?
40. Does JQuery AJAX do the same thing what classic AJAX does?
41. What is the syntax of JQuery AJAX call?
42. The project need less look & feel they are not concentrating on this thing but they need advanced
JQuery or JavaScript validations means that all content will display dynamically”
43. Find first element using jquery.
44. How to set color property of text box using JQuery and JavaScript
45. How do you create a JSON object in code behind
46. How to submit data to server and process response using JQuery?
47. Create alert without calling alert.
48. Refreshing a div without Reloading page , without usind ajax.
49. What will you use in view, HTML Table Or Div?
50. How will you design a table structure using Div?
51. What is pseudo column in css?
52. What is float left and float right in css?
53. How will you select a control with specified css?
54. what is eval in JavaScript?
56. var Employee = { EmployeeId: $(“#employeeId”).val(), EmployeeName:’Abhishek’, MyMessage: function () { alert(“asd”) } }; Is MyMessage Valid?
57. How will you declare variable in JavaScript?
59. What is DOM?
60. What is Ajax? and how Ajax Works?
61. What is window object in Javascript?
62. How will you make ajax function in jquery to Accept Json datatype?

Jquery Inteview Questions
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